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scout 765x483Sun and Shield Primary and Junior School has become a hub for clubs and societies which provide several opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom. The school understands that learning does not only occur within the confines of a classroom, it is also enhanced by extracurricular activities for the students. The clubs and societies available in the school cater to students with diverse interests and cover a wide range of topics.

At the primary level, the clubs and societies include the Junior Library, Junior Science Club, Young Farmers Club, Drama Club, Choir, and Cultural Club. The clubs are designed to expose the students to different interests and skills. The Junior Science Club provides a hands-on approach for students to learn about science. The Young Farmers Club teaches students about agriculture and empowers them to be self-reliant. The Drama Club helps students develop their creative and performance skills. The Cultural Club encourages students to embrace cultural diversity and understand different beliefs, traditions, and values.

In Junior School, the list of clubs and societies expands to include the Literary and Debating Society, Entrepreneurial Society, Junior Engineers Club and Junior Art Club, among others. The Literary and Debating Society helps students improve their communication and argumentative skills. The Entrepreneurial Society teaches students about entrepreneurship and how to develop business ideas. The Junior Engineers Club exposes students to the world of engineering, while the Junior Art Club allows students to develop their artistic skills. 

The clubs and societies available at Sun and Shield Primary and Junior School provide a dynamic learning environment that enhances students' creativity, skill development, and teamwork. The school's initiative in establishing these clubs and societies is an exemplar of the commitment and dedication of the school's management and staff in providing the best learning opportunities for their students. Through these clubs, the school helps students learn beyond academic subjects and develop their personalities and life skills. Sun and Shield Primary and Junior School is truly an excellent learning environment.

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