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Mrs. Brigid Kandie Shivachi

Mrs. Brigid Kandie Shivachi

KCPE 2018 Mean

383 Marks


Message from the headteacher - Mrs. Brigid Kandie Shivachi

English & Mathematics Teacher

Sun and Shield is a Christian school. The classes start from EYE, Early Year Education (formerly ECD). It’s the school that has featured severally, particularly in music and academics. We bring up well-disciplined children. Our first KCPE sitting was in 2012. Most of our candidates so far have joined national schools. We have well-trained teachers who are keen on academic excellence, instilling moral values and bringing up children the Godly way.

Mr. Vitalis Kibet
Mr. Amos Kongani
Mr. Augustine Wafula
Mrs. Beatrice Otieno
Mrs. Brigid Kandie Shivachi
Mr. Horace Ongili
Madam. Irene Maritim
Ms. Irene Rutto
Mrs. Isogol Oliver
Mrs. Jacklyne Odour
Madam. Mercy Kendi
Mr. Peter Moi

Senior Leadership Team

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Head Teacher
Deputy Headteacher
Deputy Headteacher
School Chaplain
Assistant Chaplain
Head of Upper classes
School secretary